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Nutrition Program Design with Alan Dyck

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What is nutrition planning & program design, and who is it best suited for?

Next Level Performance offers one-off services for clients looking to purchase customized meal and food programming in order to reach their health and wellness goals under the guidance of certified, experienced trainers. This one-time service is best suited for individuals looking to have a program tailored to meet their immediate goals, needing a professional boost to get their faster. Next Level Performance helps people meet and exceed these common nutritional goals :

  • Weight loss
  • Healthy weight gain
  • Beginners, and individuals new to understanding the importance of proper nutritional programming in meeting their fitness goals
  • Athletes, looking to meet sport specific fueling goals
  • Customized programs focusing on blood-type
  • Bodybuilders
  • Individuals needing to learn how to make a healthy lifestyle change
  • People looking to prepare healthy meals quickly
  • Individuals looking to learn how to complete meal prep, wanting that next level of discipline in their diet

What does this package include?

Your tailored food plan takes into consideration your lifestyle, and current eating habits. Your meal program will be developed to include meals and snacks based on your goals, and will educate you how to meet your macronutrient requirements on your own, going forward. The program will list 2-3 options for each meal and snack, and include a food list with corresponding calories, fats / carbohydrate / proteins breakdowns to allow for easy substitutions in the future. The programs are not solely centered around the stereo-typed perfect clean eating diet. Lifestyle and enjoyment are always considered, helping you find a balance to stay on track. There are no set number of meals / snacks which will be sent to you in your program, it will be tailored based on your provided information. It is key that your program fits with your life, and that of your family as well. It will not be expected that you will be preparing separate meals for yourself, and creating an inconvenience in life; your program will be designed to consider all aspect of nutrition, including social. Once your food plan is designed and sent, you have a week to discuss and ask questions with the Next Level Performance team via email. A successful program will be based on you fully understanding your plan, and we don’t want to leave anything to chance.  

This one-time program includes the following:

  • Interpretation of custom survey / questionnaire to understand your current situation
  • Food list with corresponding calories and macronutrient breakdown to allow for you to design flexible options that stay within your plan going forward
  • Blood type diet informational sheet
  • A food plan, with a custom number of meals and snacks based on your goals, featuring 2 - 3 options for each meal to allow for variety
  • One week of email communication to allow for questions and interpretation of your program
  • A follow up in one month

Is this the best option for me?

Often, individuals start with custom meal programming, and learn that they begin to love this lifestyle, or a single meal plan isn’t quite enough to help you reach your goals. A one-time nutritional program package can also be combined with a one-time training program to help you reach your goals faster in the gym as well. If you’re looking to take this even farther, Next Level Performance also offers monthly programming services that include both custom nutrition and training programs, adjusted weekly, along with support, check-ins and guidance on-going.

Price: $300.00

Interested in combining this with a one-time custom weight training program? Combine both, and receive a $100 discount! Both programs for $500.


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