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Elite Remote Coaching with Kevin Lutz

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What is remote coaching, and who is it best suited for?

Elite Remote Coaching with Kevin Lutz perfect for those that really need a direction and structure to their training and nutrition. 
Kevin Lutz is the man behind Revamp Training Systems. Lutz is the head coach with Revamp, and also is part of the NXTLVL team of nutritional coaches and personal trainers.
Your remote coaching is tailored to help the beginner get introduced to eating and training for their goals, or to really push the limits with more advanced athletes.
The programs are very versatile and depend on your goals and starting point.  Remote Coaching works really well for those who may not be able to afford one on one coaching, don’t need an person trainer, or just don’t have access to one.
With frequent updates, unlimited communication, and form/technique analysis via video remote coaching gives you a plan to follow, so you only have to worry about the execution.

What does this package include?

The Elite Remote Coaching includes a customized nutrition and training plan based on your goals.  Taking into account preferred meal frequency, food intolerances, training style, training schedule, movement deficiencies, and a host of other variables, the plan is 100% tailored to you.

The nutrition plan is based around nutritious whole foods, manipulation of calories and macros, nutrient timing to optimize recovery, and developing/supporting a strong relationship with food.  It boasts a large menu of foods to choose from when making your meals, along with suggestions and guidelines - With frequent check ins you can stay on track and motivated.

The training programs are built to compliment your nutrition plan and make the best of your revamped eating.  Including warm up prescription, cardio amounts, and weight training, your program is designed to push progress every time you step foot into your gym.

On top of this you get access to your coaches phone number so you can have unlimited communication and ask as many questions as you need.  You can also, and may even be asked, to send videos of exercises so you can get feedback on form and technique.

How is the program tailored just for me?

Before any program is created you will fill out a questionnaire that dictates food intake and nutrition requirements, supplement recommendations, and training variables.  These are all designed with your specific goals in mind.

From there you program and nutrition is viewed and updated to ensure continuous progress and adherence. Once your goal is complete you will provided with the means to maintain your new goals, or start on new ones.
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The price for 4 weeks (monthly) remote coaching is $225 CAD, you are setup with an auto-renewal program which charges you each month. You can cancel at anytime on your own!


Interested in getting started?

Email nxtlvl@nlpfitness.ca

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