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About Nic Foxon

Nic Foxon has been a health and wellness coach with Next Level Performance since 2015. Foxon took a personal interest in fitness beginning in 2009, after realizing his current lifestyle needed a change. Foxon searched out a personal trainer, and met Alan Dyck; Recognizing he needed help with achieving his own weight loss and training goals, they started working together to retool his lifestyle. After training as a client with Next Level Performance, Foxon has achieve a 140 lbs weight loss, and has surpassed his expectations. Through this process, Foxon discovered his passion and committed to becoming a certified trainer himself, looking to help others change their lives. Foxon has true first hand knowledge of what it means to go through this journey, and the hard work and challenges involved in committing to changing your life on this scale.  

After completing certification, Foxon has become a versatile and committed personal trainer on the Next Level Performance team. Foxon’s style of training is a cross between functional and practical, taking into consideration the personal challenges experienced first hand, and incorporating that knowledge into each person’s programs. Foxon’s key to success in ensuring that his client’s don’t give up until their goals are met. He mixes in a wide range of training programs to keep the routines fresh and challenging, and is there to act as the often needed personal support system that it takes to transform one’s life for the better.

Outside of the gym, Foxon is an avid outdoorsman, focusing on social activities such as dirt biking, snowboarding and camping. He’s lived in Kelowna for 25 years, and resides with his wife and three children in the sunny valley.  Follow him on Instagram as well!

Certifications: BCRPA | First Aid | CPR


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