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About Scott Bradford Ambler

Scott Bradford Ambler has been a competitive bodybuilder in British Columbia since 2014.

Scott had always been an active youth, participating in sports, particularly rugby. Due to the physical nature of rugby, Scott decided to put on some size to help himself along and began training at the gym in 1998. He began to see results, and shift focus away from group sports and concentrate on bodybuilding as his primary outlet. After watching the cult classic, Pumping Iron, his love of the gym took off, and his desire to compete began to develop.


18 weeks prior to show day, Scott decided he would try his hand at competing and registered for his first show in 2014. Scott’s first competition was at the Sandra Wickam classic in the BCABBA, he hired a coach and dove straight into prep mode; placing second in his light heavy-weight category. From this win, he qualified for BC’s, and placed third in middle weight bodybuilding at the Van Pro Show in 2015. This placing qualified him for the National stage, which he will be competing in in Edmonton, AB in Summer of 2017.     

In his own words on competing… “My experience on stage can't be put into words, it's a feeling, an intense feeling. You walk on stage and the warm lights hit you, and the judge calls out that first pose it sends tingles down my spine. We put in so much hard work and dedication; it's funny when you think that weeks and weeks all for about 30 minutes on stage, but it is such an emotional journey. I think my posing style is old school, not classic bodybuilding; my coach is from the old school and he makes the adjustments to best show off my physique.”

As a  bodybuilding class posing coach at Next Level Performance, Scott brings the full package to his students. He has an excellent eye for detail, and has been working around and in the industry for many years. He himself engages various coaches for each prep program and will draw from these learnings for his instruction at Next Level.

Scott has been living in the Okanagan for 15 years, with his beautiful 6 year old daughter and his alapaha blueblood bulldog. He’s a full time journeyman heavy equipment mechanic, spending his spare time outdoors hiking, biking and training and traveling. He checks out gyms wherever his travels take him, meeting new like-minded people around North America.

When asked his future goals…” I have a bucket list and a couple of the items on that list are to compete at the Arnold Classic, and to train with C.T Fletcher.”

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