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About Crystal Mohan

Crystal's journey of becoming a fitness competitor organically evolved from her love of working out. In 2013, Crystal signed up for her first bikini competition, and won! Now, Crystal is a nationally qualified Bikini athlete, placing top 5 on the Nation's stage, she's experienced in posing in front of judges and peers alike. In 2016, Crystal competed in her first International competition, taking 3rd place in an impressive and competitive category. Crystal is a practicing nutritionist, so a natural interest in discovering how to fuel the body and achieve goals through nutrition and training had always been a focus. She is also the owner of Fuel Supplements, and is engrained in each aspect of the nutrition business for bodybuilding and competitive development.
As a coach, Crystal focuses on posing to teach others how to bring out their best shape, on an individual level. Specific training to highlight each competitor's best features and the development of a practiced and comfortable presence on stage are the main goals of her teachings.