Ross Duncan, BCABBA President - NLP Fitness

Ross Duncan, BCABBA President

BCABBA President, Ross Duncan is a close friend of the Next Level Performance studio, providing guidance and oversight to our team to ensure we meet the quality standards setout by the BCABBA and it's members. Below, please learn about Ross's history in the bodybuilding community.



Ross has been involved in sports from an early age which lead to training with weights. He quickly developed muscles which improved his performance in track and field and sports. He then became interested in the sport of Bodybuilding.  What a journey it has been. He learned that it took consistency, discipline and good sound nutrition to develop a winning physique.  Bodybuilding became a passion for Ross.  He studied nutrition and applied that knowledge along with weight training to become a competitive Bodybuilder.  Throughout the years Ross has help many people become fit, healthy and have a productive lifestyle.  The industry lead Ross to owning his own businesses in the health and fitness industry.  It also allowed him to become a judge for the British Columbia Bodybuilding Association (BCABBA) and a national level judge for the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation.   Ross has been passionate about the BCABBA and building a platform for athletes to compete provincially with the ability to compete nationally as well as internationally.  Many athletes that have moved through the BCABBA tier system have gone on to get their pro card and compete on the pro stage.  Others have changed their lives through weight training and good sound nutrition by developing positive thoughts and actions to better themselves personally.  Ross is now President of the BCABBA and is dedicating his time to developing a strong association for the athletes to excel in their goals and accomplish their dreams.