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NXTLVL Bootcamp Drop-In

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Hello NXTLVL'ers! Check out The NXTLVL Bootcamp series, led by Personal Trainers Amanda Jones and Jolene Swetlikoe!

Come to the NXTLVL private studio for the 4-week bootcamp series; get comfortable with the privacy of this exclusive gym. 

This bootcamp will be run on the studio floor at NXTLVL; the studio is closed to the public and will only be your group for this one-hour session. Get comfortable, have fun, and work towards your goals. NXTLVL is not just a gym for bodybuilders! It's a welcoming space for all community members, of any fitness level. The coaching team will motivate you, encourage you and whip your butt each session.

What's included?

1. 4-week boot camp, 2 sessions per week (Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-7pm)
2. All workouts will work on strength, power, and endurance 
3. Suitable for all fitness levels 
4. The goal is to to build muscle, tone and tighten the body, and most importantly, share lots of fun, energy, and laughter. 
7. Maximum of 10 spots available

Join us! January 7-30!