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Next Level Performance works in partnership with Greg Cleaver, of Greg Cleaver Photography, to provide local athletes a private and professional facility to shoot their gym and fitness images, in privacy. After the month's of hard work in preparing for a show, or even if you've pushed hard and challenged yourself, it's worth documenting with a professional artist to capture this achievement.
Many athletes want to capture the intensity of their journey by being photographed in the gym setting. Next Level Performance and Greg Cleaver have partnered up to allow for the exclusive use of the private Next Level training facility to allow for a full photography equipment setup, without the interruption of other patrons training in a public gym. Additionally, it allows for the athlete to have privacy, and gain comfort in this private and professional setting, to maximize the photo options and settings.
Cleaver has specialized in fitness photography for over ten years, with a large portfolio documenting over a decade's worth of fitness athletes in and out of the gym; working as an artist to reveal the beauty of the subject, as well as the surroundings to emphasize the athlete's best assets and inner confidence.  
You can choose from the following options for your photo session experience: 
1) Gym mini shoot - public facility
2) Gym mini shoot - private facility (NXTLVL Facility) 
3) Gym full shoot - public facility
4) Gym full shoot - Private facility ( NXTLVL Facility)
The mini shoots last 1 hour, and the full shoots last 2 hours. The public facility shoots can be booked at the gym of your choice. Private shoots are shot at NXTLVL's private gym, and are uninterrupted by others. NXTLVL offers 2800 square feet filled with new gym equipment; The NXTLVL facility is not open to the public, allowing for total privacy during your shoot.
You will receive your images to preview, and your package of selected retouched photos in the weeks following your session. With each package, you receive 100 full resolution unedited images, 3 edited photos for a mini session, and 6 edited photos for a full session.

Additional edited photos are available if you'd like. You may purchase additional edits are in sets of 10 for $150.00 or individually at $25 per edited image. Please note, the 100+ raw original images are yours to keep, so additional edits are not mandatory to receive all of the images from your shoot.
You will receive your personal gallery of unedited images to preview via a weblink within 1 week of your. From there, you may select the images for edit and submit your selections to the photographer for preparation.
After purchasing your session package, you will be contact to schedule your date and time for your session via phone or email. Please feel free to put any requested times / dates into the comments sections during the checkout process.

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