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Remote Coaching with Jordyn Kreller

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Monthly Remote Online Coaching, with Jordyn Kreller 

Join Jordyn's team of aspiring athletes around the globe. Learn to lift and fuel to meet your goals while staying inspired by personal checkins with Jordyn Kreller. 

What is remote coaching, and who is it best suited for?

Remote coaching services are best suited for people beginners to advanced athletes who need expertise in the area of nutrition and workout programming to meet their goals and improve health. This type of service is great as an economical solution for those who cannot afford one-on-one training, or don’t have access to quality trainers in their area. Remote coaching is not just for beginners looking for a starting point; these services also serve individuals with advanced goals such as bodybuilding competitions and sport focused training needing help reaching that next level. The primary benefits of engaging in customized remote coaching are accountability check-ins, committed communication times and paths for questions and sharing, access to professional information, programs and meal ideas and support. Remote coaching services are on-going and keep you on track to get to your goals safely, and in a timely fashion.

What does this package include?

An online remote coaching package includes a food and workout plan custom designed to work together to maximize your results. Additionally, you will receive one-on-one coaching to teach you how to properly read and interpret food labels, tips on making educated choices while dining out and weekly custom adjustments to your food and workout programs to get you to your goal faster.

Jordyn offers a few options to suit each individual's goals.  

If you're looking for a nutrition based program only,  select the Nutrition Package, which includes customized nutrition tips, recipes and shopping lists. The Nutrition Package can be purchased once to get you started, and is also offered as a monthly service to keep you on track with updates to your program and checkins with your coach. 

If you're interested in Workout & Training Packages, Jordyn designs monthly programs customized with the use of HIIT and resistance training; these programs can be purchased one time to kick off your training, and are also offered as a monthly service to receive that next level of coaching and program adjustment to get you to your goals faster. 

For more targeted results, the two programs can be combined to create a Nutrition & Workout Package, purchased as a single service customized to you, or as an ongoing monthly service.

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