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Small Group Personal Training with Kevin Lutz

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What is group training, and who is it best suited for?

These sessions are for the after-work warriors! Sessions available on the hour from 3-8pm, Monday to Friday, and some weekend spots too.

Do you need others to help keep you motivated, keep you pushing forward? Group training sessions are a great way to make sure you show up, and stay accountable and keep costs down! With Next Level Performance, group training and coaching is geared towards any individuals with an interest in improving their health and fitness, no matter the starting point; you can train with group members of different skill and fitness levels, each session is designed with these differences in mind. This style of coaching is centered around pairing 3-4 individuals to train together to meet their fitness goals, working with dedicated coach, Kevin Lutz

There is 100% dedication to each individual, namely why group training is capped at 4 people at a time. These programs are designed to start where you’re health and fitness level are currently at, be it beginner, or advanced athlete; and propel you towards your goals. Training with a group keeps costs down, while giving you the individual attention you need and deserve to get pushed to your max. Next Level Performance helps people meet and exceed their fitness goals.

What does this package include?

This type of program focuses on in-person, small group private training sessions with your devoted fitness coach, Kevin Lutz. The best part of group training is that you can lean on your training partners for support, encouragement and additional knowledge to achieve your goals as a team.

If you don't have a group of friends you'd like to train with, please reach out and we will match you up with a group to get started!

Pricing for Afternoon training with Kevin Lutz: 

3-Person Training Session Pkgs: $35 per session x 24 sessions = $840 (per person)

4-Person Training Session Pkgs: $30 per session x 24 sessions = $720 (per person)

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