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Elite Remote Coaching with Alan Dyck

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What is remote coaching, and who is it best suited for?

Head Coach, Alan Dyck's remote coaching services are best suited for people beginners to advanced athletes who need expertise in the area of nutrition and workout programming to meet their goals and improve health. This type of service is great as an economical solution for those who cannot afford one-on-one training, or don’t have access to quality trainers in their area. Remote coaching is not just for beginners looking for a starting point; these services also serve individuals with advanced goals such as bodybuilding competitions and sport focused training needing help reaching that next level. The primary benefits of engaging in customized remote coaching are accountability check-ins, committed communication times and paths for questions and sharing, access to professional information, programs and meal ideas and support. Remote coaching services are on-going and keep you on track to get to your goals safely, and in a timely fashion.

What does this package include?

An online remote coaching package includes a food and workout plan custom designed to work together to maximize your results. Additionally, you will receive one-on-one coaching to teach you how to properly read and interpret food labels, tips on making educated choices while dining out and weekly custom adjustments to your food and workout programs to get you to your goal faster.

How is this different than online coaching?

Elite Remote Coaching is a step above the Online Coaching package. With Elite Remote coaching, you get support via text message (5am - 5pm PST Monday to Friday), and program adjustments as often as your trainer sees fit (not on a fixed monthly or bi-monthly schedule), getting you to your goals faster. You will complete your check-ins weekly as opposed to monthly and received that Next Level tailored service you’ve been looking for.


How is the program tailored just for me?

One of the first steps you will complete is a questionnaire to provide the specific nutrition and lifestyle details; through interpreting your answers, a custom food and training plan is developed, monitored and adjusted weekly to ensure results.

Questions include: Blood type, current job situation, eating habits throughout the week and on the weekend, vitamins you take, foods which you don’t like or are allergic to, any medical problems, joint pain or hindering injuries, beta blockers, blood pressure, current workout schedule and your short and long term goals.


1st month for program design & coaching services: $300 + $350 | ongoing: $350 / monthly (For the month of Jan we have a promo of 50.00 off the monthly coaching fee).

Does this package sound just about right for both you and your spouse? A discounted rate of $100 off per month for couples who are committed to getting fit together! 

Interested in getting started? Email alandyck@nlpfitness.ca