Before & After Transformations - Coached by Alan Dyck - Next Level Performance Fitness

Before & After Transformations - Coached by Alan Dyck


James is a Next Level Performance client who lost 40 plus lbs and was able to see there’s so many more goals which are attainable once you give it your all. His experience in his own words below:

“In May of 2004, a careless driver ran a red light and T-boned the driver's side of my car. From that moment on my life radically changed. The injury to my brain during the accident resulted in memory loss, confusion, loss of focus, concentration and confidence. Recovery from such an accident is an on-going challenge, and I've been helped and hindered by people along the way.

I was faced with rebuilding most areas of my life. I write this to thank Alan for his part in helping in my physical recovery. Before I met Alan, I struggled with daily tasks, loss of muscle mass, and on-going pain in my back and neck. My life was miserable.

I met Alan at World gym, and he immediately struck me as an individual who was confident, competent, and extremely knowledgeable in the area of physical fitness. I believed he would be a great benefit - someone who could guide me towards my desired goal - a physical transformation. As a bonus, he re-ignited my lost passion for health and fitness. A lifestyle I once embraced. I seized the opportunity, and the benefits have enhanced the quality of my life change my future outlook.

Alan was able to tailor-make workout routines for each of my specific physical limitations. He designed and introduced custom exercises into my training regime, so that my recovery would be accelerated. He also identified muscle groups that should not be missed due to on-going weakness or pain. His specific instruction helped address many of my unique limitations.

In my opinion, what sets Alan apart from other personal trainers is his ability to inspire you with encouragement, and his ability to bring out your full potential by giving you the tools needed to completely change your training mindset. If knowledge is power, then that is exactly what Alan gives. Regardless of the obstacles you may be facing, consider starting a program today. Gain your self confidence back, change your mind and achieve your goals. You can literally restart your life…”



"I used to be 100lbs and very out of shape. I started working with Alan to become stronger, get fit,  and start living a healthy lifestyle. Under Alan's guidance, I am now 121 lbs, fit, and in the middle of training to compete in a fitness competition! He has taught me so much about nutrition, about my body and about myself. He has helped me achieve more than I ever thought I could. Just when I think I can’t do something, he shows me I can. Thank you for helping me through this long journey, I look forward to what is next."



"It had always been a New Year's resolution of mine to lose weight, get in shape and have the energy to keep up with my son...  But each year went by and I didn't accomplish my goal.  I finally decided to try a personal trainer.  I found I needed someone to push and challenge me to get the results I wanted.  Alan was the one who helped me get those results.  He pushed me, challenged me and encouraged me when I thought I couldn't do it.  With his instruction and my perseverance, I  was able to reach my goal and more, in a short time. Getting a personal trainer was the best thing I could have done.  I've learned a lot from Alan. He taught me about the importance of nutrition, and how to use the weights properly to get quick results.  I have more energy and confidence now than I ever did before.   I still use the tools that Alan gave me to maintain my weight and keep in shape."



"I have known Alan for many years. When I was working in the oil patch I noticed that I was starting to gain a lot of weight. I was not exercising on a regular basis and I was not eating very healthy. Alan talked to me about getting on a program that would help get rid of the excess weight and keep me more active,  not just at work, but at home as well. I started the program weighing 340lbs, and in just 9 months I am sitting at 240lbs. Thank you Alan for making a difference in my Health!"


"I am a woman in my mid 40's. When i first met Alan I was not looking for a personal trainer, but through casual conversation with him I learned he was a personal trainer and body builder, and had competed in several competitions. I was so impressed, not only by his physique, but by his openness, his outgoing and very approachable personality. His constant upbeat and positive attitude is absolutely contagious! His "you can do it too" approach is exactly what I needed to motivate me, and it still does. I made a commitment to working out with him the very first time we met. I knew he was a winner and I could only benefit from having him in my life!

When I met Alan I was overweight and very out of shape. The extra weight was affecting my daily activities and my self confidence. Secretly I knew i was having a lot of knee problems which had progressively gotten worse to the point that I could not walk up stairs without pain. I could not kneel to work in the garden anymore, or kneel down to pick anything up...and it was becoming obvious. I confided this in Alan and he was very careful to take this into consideration when we worked out every day. He told me he believed my knee pain would go away very soon. I was doubtful.

Alan trained with me for an hour, 5 days a week and put me on a personalized healthy eating program immediately. It was realistic, and based on the foods I like. He made me understand how incredibly important a healthy diet is when trying to achieve fitness goals! In just over 2 months I was a whole new person! I feel very strong, and I learned that I love to weight train! I was never crazy for cardio, but under his guidance I've learned the importance of it in the whole big picture of things. I actually look forward to my workouts with Alan every day. That is something I never thought I would say about exercise. Alan is an incredibly motivating trainer! He truly, truly cares!

Being fit is the most fabulous feeling there is! I feel incredibly strong and my confidence has never been better...and my knee pain is completely gone!"


"So this was me [in the first picture] at age 49. felt terrible and was not at all happy with my look. I remember thinking I am turning 50 and do not want to be in this kind of shape. So for the first time in my life I took on a gym membership; this picture was taken in February, 2017. I tried a few months on my own and did not feel I was getting anywhere... I hired some coaches and got even more frustrated. No coach could help with a complete food and workout plan, it was one or the other. In the gym I would once and a while see some very fit people working out and desired what ever program they were on (little did I know they were all being trained by NXTLVL Fitness). I lucked out by one day asking Alan Dyck if he could tell me how he got fit. That was the smartest question I asked all of 2017. Alan laid it on the line, no bull shit. Either I was going to like what he offered or I was not. that was the most impressive offer I had ever heard from a trainer. I started with Alan in October of 2017, he was extremely thorough with his Q&A to begin the process. Every step of the way, so far, everything Alan said would happen, has happened. I have NOT regretted a single day. I am doing the Elite Remote Coaching training and food program and loving it. Is it easy? NO. but with the 24/7 support from Alan, the results speak for themselves. I am now half way to my goal and lets let the next picture do the talking………below was taken Dec 20th, 2017. I'm well on my way!"