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Alan Dyck has been a health and wellness coach since 2006. Starting his career as a Personal Trainer in Edmonton, Alberta, at World Health Club. During this time at World Health Club, Dyck was fostered by seasoned coaches aiding in the diversification of his training techniques. This exposure to various styles, coaches and training methods has allowed Dyck to develop a broad skillset to work with clients of all ages, fitness levels and goal orientations.

As a trainer and coach, the goal is to offer a balance of nutrition and fitness to clients in order to achieve overall health and wellness. Teaching and aiding clients in developing the relationship between nutrition, fitness and mental strength is what it means to be a true health and wellness coach.

In 2006, Dyck completed his first bodybuilding competition; only then did he develop a full appreciation for the strength and dedication it takes to complete the intense dieting and workout regiment of a bodybuilder. Dyck continued to participate annually in competitions, and in 2008, placed 1st in Northern Alberta’s Lightweight Men’s Competition. A true appreciation for the sport of bodybuilding has been developed over years of dedication, and this passion and enthusiasm translate over to the clients whether their goals be weight loss, toning up, bodybuilding and competition, or just introducing a bit of physical activity back into life.   

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Certifications: BCRPA | Can Fit Pro | First Aid | CPR
Instagram: @alandyckfitness

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