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Instructional Exercise Videos

NXTLVL has filmed over 60 instructional videos, providing demonstrations for the majority of exercises found in our custom programs. Each video is posted on YouTube to the Next Level Performance Channel. Feel free to view the exercises, as linked below, and build your custom workouts in a YouTube playlist.


Legs & Lower Body




Reverse Lunge with Toe Drag

Single Leg Hip Raises

Hip Raises

Elevated Back Leg Lunge

Reverse Dumbell Lunge

Donkey Kicks

Lying Leg Press

Dumbell Lunges

Straight Legged Deadlift

Barbell Squats - Regular Stance

Barbell Squats - Wide Stance

Barbell Squats - Close Stance

Seated Leg Extensions

Seated Hamstring Curls

Seated Calf Raises

Decline Cable Flys

Flat Barbell Bench Press 

Incline Barbell Bench Press

Dips - Chest Position

Incline Dumbell Press

Decline Dumbell Press

Incline Dumbell Flys

Flat Dumbell Press

Flat Dumbell Flys

Flat Cable Flys




Tricep Pull Downs

Tricep Press Downs

Close Grip Bench

Dips - Tricep Position

Straight Bar Bicep Curls

Skull Crushers

Dumbell Wrist Curls

Limp Wristed Curls

Hammer Curls

Concentration Curls

Overhead Rope Extensions





Core & HIIT Cardio

Dumbell Shoulder Press

Forward Cable Raises

Bent Over Reverse Dumbell Flys

Upright Rows

Side Lateral Raises

Barbell Push Press

Single Arm Clean & Press

Single Arm Clean & Snatch




Low Rope Rows

High Rope Rows

Lat Pulldowns

Single Arm Dumbell Rows

Bent Over Rows - Palms Up

Bent Over Rows - Palms Down

Back Extensions

Weighted Back Extensions

Barbell Back Extensions

Leg Raises 

Step Ups



Lying Leg Raises