CLIENT SPOTLIGHT - Heather Weiss - Next Level Performance Fitness



Heather Weiss is client of Alan Dyck's. Her and her husband both joined the team recently, looking to learn the tools to live the healthy life they dreamed of. Below, please hear about Heather's experience so far, in her own words.



"My Name is Heather and I have been trying to lose weight for almost 26 years. I have tried all sorts of things, even the gym, many different diets, pills and weird drinks. None of them worked. I started going to the gym almost a year ago and had talked to numerous trainers there, none of whom stayed long enough to take a real interest in me. 

When I met Alan, I knew he was the one who was going to get me to my goal. I'm certainly not there yet. BUT … I have definitely come a very long way. When I started with him I was 207 lbs. I now weigh 168 lbs. I feel lighter, smaller and happier. I can actually look in the mirror now without wanting to cry. No!! It is not easy! Yes!! It is a lot of very hard work but I am extremely committed and determined. I have a lot of much needed encouragement from my family. I could never have done it without them. But most of all Alan has been there every day pushing me, encouraging me, laughing at me and with me. He is my fitness professional and my meal plan expert. Thank you Alan for always being there for me! I'm not done yet! I still have a very long way to go. I look forward to each day. I truly feel that I will never have the satisfaction of reaching my goals if I am not willing to put in the effort and hard work. A great body does not come in the form of a pill or a weird drink. It comes with lots of sweat, sore muscles and maybe a few tears. 
Thanks, Alan!! I can’t wait for you to threaten me with those dreaded burpees at our next session together."

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