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Shannon O'Gorman

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Shannon O'Gorman

Shannon has over 20 years of experience in the fitness and rehabilitation industry. She works with a wide range of individuals and various programming plans including:

  • Weight loss and muscle gain management programs.
  • Injury assessments and rehabilitation (private/ICBC).
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching.
  • Occupational pain conditions.
  • Medical issue specific: cancer, arthritis, hernias, autoimmune disorders, metabolic conditions, mental health, depression, anxiety.
  • Sports performance and athletic rehabilitation.

Shannon has played competitive soccer for over 15 years. She has ran and managed several teams, organized soccer camps and volunteered as a sports conditioning coach and manager. Has competed in cross-country running growing up and was a figure competitor in her 20’s. Lifted her first set of weights at the young age of 14 and have never looked back.

Fitness Interests:

  • weight training
  • sprinting
  • burst style workouts
  • running
  • biking
  • water-sports
  • snowboarding

Shannon's style of training is functional fitness focused. You need to build stability, mobility, strength and proper muscle recruitment to move better and gain strength without injury. We all have different goals related to fitness whether it be stress relief, improving pain, competing in an event, managing medical issues or just looking damn good in a bikini, our end goal is the same. We want to feel good! Investing in a coach is what keeps you accountable to maintain consistency, helps you persevere through the tough days and motivates you to stick with the goals you deserve to achieve. Investing in yourself is investing in your longevity, quality of life and the ability to do all the activities you love to do for as long as you physically can. Next Level Performance can help you live your best life!

Certifications: B.C.A.K Kinesiologist | C.S.E.P Clinical Exercise Physiologist | Personal Trainer | Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Shannon O'Gorman