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What is bodybuilding coaching, and who is it best suited for?

This type of training and nutritional coaching is geared towards any individual with an interest in stepping on stage for the first time, or bringing a better package to their next competition. This style of coaching is suited for the seriously committed individual that is looking for off-season improvements, contest preparation and show-day readiness. Additionally, NXTLVL offers custom and detailed reverse dieting programs to make sure your health and mind are taken care off after the show is over. Nothing is left to chance in preparing for a competition with Next Level Performance; the process of bringing a full package to the stage is much more in depth than just nutrition and a gym program; the customized plans in order to diet down accurately, and preparing for the week and the day of the show need special attention and consideration by your trainer. This style of coaching is for goal-oriented athletes that want focused attention in order to reach the stage while leaving nothing to chance.

NXTLVL prep coach is Alan Dyck. Alan has years of experience on the stage, and has worked with National level bodybuilding athletes in both competition prep and posing. Please read below to find out more details about the three major types of coaching you'll need to engage in to get ready to compete.

Off-Season coaching
This type of training and nutritional coaching is geared towards any individual that is planning to compete. The coaching needed to be successful on stage is much more than just the three-month window that leads up to show day; it's a month over month commitment to growing in the gym through custom programming including training and nutrition. Each person needs individualized programs to focus on their growth and have a coach guide them to bringing their best on show day; This work happens in the off-season. Preparing for a competition is really a year-round commitment with Next Level Performance. Off-season months will focus on all weak points, which guides meal and training program development. While off-season programming allows for flexibility in your lifestyle, the focused nature of the tasks are essential in order to reach your stage goals.
Diet-Down coaching
Once off-season comes to an end, the diet-down starts, a much more intense level of dedicated interaction begins between trainer and client. The key to success on the stage is eliminating any instance of chance; Your fitness coach has been on stage, and knows what it takes to be successful in this environment.  This style of coaching is successful due to accountability check-ins and daily support from your trainer. A Bodybuilding Package with the Next Level team includes weekly training and meal programs, devoted trainer check-ins and support, posing and routine advice and the behind-the-scenes knowledge to bring you success on the stage. This type of training and nutritional coaching is for the three to four month window of strict coaching to get your physique into the exact form for the stage.
Reverse Dieting coaching
What happens immediately follow your competition is as, if not more, important when it comes to you working with a coach.The day the show is over, you will feel like you need emotional support and guidance more than any other time during this process. The reverse diet phase is rarely talked about, but essential for a healthy mind and body year round. You will be provided full meal and training plans to take care of you as you finish your show, full access to your coach to help you figure out how to bring your gut-health and social routines back to a normal status, and provide you a plan to train as your body recovers from the intense diet-down stage. Your coach will prepare you for the reverse diet in the last few weeks of your diet-down, working with you to complete a post-competition plan of attack that you can stick to, and avoid a harsh rebound after you're done competing.

Program setup - consultation, nutrition and training plans - one time fee of $300
Off-Season - $400 / Month
Diet-Down - $500 / Month

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