Client Spotlight - Paul Schuster - Next Level Performance Fitness

Client Spotlight - Paul Schuster

Client Spotlight - Paul Schuster

Meet Paul Schuster, an NXTLVL team mate, and Nationally qualified bodybuilder.
  1. Tell me how you first got involved in with fitness?  I guess it was fourth grade my best friend who was in the sixth grade got an Olympic bench press set and ever since then I've been hooked on lifting weights. 

  2. Why did you seek out a personal trainer?  Lifting weights and exercising is a passion of mine and I was really needing someone to help me take it to the next level with nutrition, exercise routines and coaching. Someone to really hold me accountable day in and day out. 

  3. What was your first impression of NXTLVL? Well Alan is a lot to take in all at once but he truly believes in what he does and has a passion for helping people succeed and he provides a fantastic facility to do so. After getting to know the team there I was and still am very much impressed.

  4. What's your first memory of going to the gym? When I was in fifth grade I got a membership to a local gym in California owned by a husband and wife. He was a police officer and competitive bodybuilder.  We were not old enough to be at the gym but he made an exception for us. He gave us pointers and was patient with us and that's where I truly fell in love with working out. 

  5. What has surprised you most about working with Alan as your coach?  The thing that has surprised me the most is the attention to detail in my exercise and  meal plans. I've always been pretty good about it but didn't realize to what extent the impact was until following Alan's instructions. I've never felt or looked as good as I do now.

  6. What do you find most challenging about personal training?  I find trust is the biggest issue but when you find someone like Alan that is so dedicated it's easy. Once you let go and trust in the process and trust every day with your meals and your workouts that the end result will be spectacular. 

  7. What's the best/worst thing to happen since you started working out?  I think the best thing that's happened since I started working out has been my ability to use my passion to create a closer relationship with my wife and daughters.  The worst thing that's happened since I started working out is I tore my AC joint in my shoulder which really put me back several years in my lifting while trying to recover.  

  8. If you could change one thing about your journey this far, what would it be  I would've started training with Alan much sooner.  not thinking that I could do it on my own. I know that I'd be much further ahead if I had done so. 

  9. What do you wish other people knew about you?  Well I'm an architect. Not your typical architect. You won't find too many of those who stand on stage wearing practically nothing. And when I'm doing neither of those I spent a majority of my time volunteering with different organizations and helping out where I can.

  10. Why are you with NLP as opposed to another facility in town?  I've been to other facilities I've been to other trainers and I wouldn't recommend anyone else. If you want it sugar coated there are other places but here at NXTLVL it's the truth. 

  11. Tell me about some of the people you've met while training at NLP?  I haven't meet too many people and I am horrible with names so I couldn't remember if I tried.  But everyone I have met was energized and excited about this place. The positive atmosphere is contagious. 

  12. What would you say are some of your strongest beliefs about fitness. I believe strongly in hard work and dedication and that that alone is much more satisfying than the results that come from taking an easy road. 

  13. What's your personal fitness philosophy? I am a bodybuilder not a weight lifter.  I ask people this all the time.  And I tell myself this every day while I'm working out to remind myself that quality is better than quantity and it will keep me from getting hurt unnecessarily.

  14. When your friends/family find out that you work with a trainer, what do they say or ask? My friends and family all know that I work out with the trainer because I let them know I'm always excited to share the results that I found with my trainer. 

  15. What might someone be surprised to know about you? I am a children's director at my church where I teach children ages 0 to 4.  I transform the classroom into 8 different themes through out the year and teach them about amazing things that God has created.  It is the most enjoyable and rewarding time of the week.

  16. What would you tell someone who is thinking about getting a coach?  No matter what your goals are. If you are serious about your goals the only true way to see that success to its full potential is to have a coach that is there for you each and every step of the way. A lot of times it's having someone there do the thinking for you. I know with my busy and hectic life and trying to diet for competitions the last thing I need on my mind is trying to figure out some of the simplest things.  

  17. What do you think will change about your fitness destination over the next five years?  Well I believe that this last year has been the spring board for me.  The results that I have seen and the changes that I have made are going to be huge over the next few years and I am really excited about the adventure ahead.  This last year I went to provincials which I had never done.  This coming year I am going to nationals and I hope that some day I will get a chance to compete at an international level. 

  18. If you weren't working out, what would you be doing instead, or what would your life be like?  Well! I love to eat and sleep. Me not working out would not be a pretty sight. I cannot imagine life without exercise. I know I would be lethargic and probably depressed. When I work out my stress level is lower, my patience is better and I feel balanced.  I am sure my family would not be happy.  

  19. How would your coach at NXTLVL describe you?  I would like to think he would describe me as a beast or a man on a mission.  

  20. Tell us the most surprising thing about you, fitness related or not! My wife and I had a son. He was our middle child.  He had open heart surgery at 1 week old. He was born with a rare genetic heart malformation that was irreparable.  He died 29 days later at Canuck house in Vancouver.  It was the hardest time of my life.  It was after, when I realized how much of a workaholic I was and how much I was endangering the relationships around me. It was really at that point that I decided to dedicate my life to being healthier and happier especially with loved ones.  And more than anything setting an example for the little ones that we do have.   To this day it is my son who drives me to be a better person and better father to my 2 daughters.  


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