Greg's Transformation Diary - Week 1 - Next Level Performance Fitness

Greg's Transformation Diary - Week 1

Greg's Transformation Diary - Week 1

Greg is a new NXTLVL team mate. Check out his entry for the first week of his 52 week weight loss journey.


Week 1

I've never been one for doing a cleanse. I've been on a healthy meal eating plan and training diet before, but never a cleanse, When Alan stated we were going to start with a cleanse, I didn't know what to expect. When I received it, I looked it over and really thought it would be easy at first. But that was before I got into it. I was warned it would be rough, and despite that, when I looked over what I would be eating I thought it would be easy. I didn't anticipate the EFFECT the cleanse would have on my body. Two days and I felt like death. I had terrible headaches, felt nauseous, and had zero energy to do anything. I thought I was coming down with a really bad flu. Working out that week was BRUTAL. I had no energy, every rep was a huge fight to complete, and I went home and crashed right afterwards. It took 3 days to lift before i felt semi-normal, but still with zero energy. The biggest side effect I noticed was I was constantly  urinating, which was very irritating. Despite how awful this first week has been, the weight loss has been amazing. See you next week for the update. - Greg

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