Jasmine's Transformation Diary - Week 1 - Next Level Performance Fitness

Jasmine's Transformation Diary - Week 1

Jasmine's Transformation Diary - Week 1

Jasmine is a new team mate at NXTLVL. Jasmine approached Alan in regards to training with him, and ask about how to get started. After some discussion, Jasmine decided it was likely out of her current budget, and promised to save up to come join the NXTLVL team. A few weeks later, Alan showed up at Jasmine's work, and gifted her a full year's free remote coaching to help her achieve her goals! Jasmine is keeping a weekly transformation diary and making a quick recap video to share with all of us to help keep her motivated, and allow for the rest of us to understand what the journey is like, the peaks, the pits and drive for the ultimate goal. Check out Jasmine's first week video recap here, and read her Week 1 journal entry, below; describing her experience with going through a 16 day detoxing cleanse to kickstart her program. 


Week 1

Coming from someone who ate when they wanted, what they wanted, whenever they wanted, Week 1 was so hard for me. I will eat veggies and fruit with no problem, but I didn't realize the first two days of this cleanse program would ONLY include these two food groups  (Plus some tomato juice....) I'm used to not eating breakfast; I go through my day, and then around 3pm I'd whatever I could find first. I've had to work hard to stamp out this habit. Little did I realize how much damage I was doing to my whole body. This entire week has been full of cravings and struggles. I have flip-flopped between wanting tacos and dairy and all the wonderful foods that are not included in my cleanse program. I have pushed my willpower to the breaking point this week. I dreaded my eggs for lunch, breakfast and dinner. I actually started enjoying my grapefruit though, which is a cornerstone of the cleanse. I was so excited for chicken or steak or salmon for dinner, you would've thought I was at an all you can eat taco buffet! In my first 3 days, I lost 3 pounds. Those first 2 days are the hardest; my water intake was limited and I was surviving off of cold fruits and veggies. Then behold, day 3! I get coffee again, I started to love black coffee. Week 1 was one of the hardest things I have ever put myself through but I was determined not to quit because I don't think I could have put myself through it again. This is just the beginning, stay tuned. - Jas

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