Jasmine's Transformation Diary - Week 3 - Next Level Performance Fitness

Jasmine's Transformation Diary - Week 3

Jasmine's Transformation Diary - Week 3

Jasmine posted her vlog entry describing what Week 3 has been like. Check out her video update here, and read her diary entry below.


Week 3

When I finally finished my 16 day jumpstart weight loss cleanse, I had lost 19.7 pounds and 29.5 inches! This was huge for me! I started my new meal plan right away the next day. I never thought I would feel that full again. I don't know how I even managed to eat all of the new food as I readjusted after the cleanse. I eat rice and chicken twice a day as part of my new program which I really enjoy. I also tried almond butter for the first time and started with an unflavoured protein isolate! I was a little apprehensive at first because I've never tried all natural protein with no fats, no carbs or no sugar. I went unflavoured because I figured the flavoured would probably have lots of sugar in it, and turns out, I'm enjoying the plain version as a shake. After I got past feeling full and sluggish transitioning to this new amount of food, my energy has returned and doubled. I work a lot, so I lived off of naps and a few hours of sleep a night. I'm not used to being full of energy all the time but it's a great feeling. I gained 1.5 pounds back after I reintroduced higher carbs and fats (rice and almonds) to my regular diet, but that is to be expected after the cleanse, and I'm not phased by a 1.5 lbs fluctuation. I've started to notice changes in my strength, energy, figure and my mood. I'm happier a lot more of the time than I used to be. I'm glad to be back to my more optimistic, happier self already. I spent a lot of days being miserable and tired and lethargic and I don't want to go back to that Jasmine. On to see what week 4 brings! - Jas  

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