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Jasmine's Transformation Diary - Week 4

Jasmine's Transformation Diary - Week 4

Jasmine is into her fourth week of a 52 week weight loss and life style transformation. Read about how she's feeling below.


Week 4

Week 4 was difficult.... Week 4 was where I  hit a plateau with my weight loss. I was so excited before this, because my weight was dropping off and it just stopped. It's super discouraging, it's a hard feeling. I was having a really bad week trying to deal with the disappointment I was feeling with myself. I had been doing so well and yet, no change on the scale. I was following all my meals, drinking my 4 liters of water and hitting the gym. Having lost 22 pounds so quickly and all of a sudden struggling to lose half a pound, I took it poorly. I stress about little things to begin with, so when I talked to Alan, he explained it all to me and told how well I had been doing and how all of this is normal. He also told me how I would have to let him stress for me, instead of me doing it all the time. It's getting a little easier and the weight loss has restarted and my body is getting a little smaller everyday. It's hard to remain positive after you hit a plateau though, however little a time it might be. I know I was super upset about it and I had days this week where I was thinking, "why isn't this working?" It's a crazy process and I'm still at the beginning. - Jas

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