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Move dat body, yo!

Move dat body, yo!

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Greg Horvath, I’m a coach and team mate at Next Level Performance. I am not only a personal trainer, but I am also a physiotherapist assistant. For those that may not know what that entails, my job is to aid in the recovery process of someone who has injured themselves. This means a physiotherapist delegates tasks, I then follow up with the client. Some of my tasks would include; teaching and instructing exercises, demonstrate proper body mechanics, enforcing correct form as well as stretching programs.

Along with teaching, another important aspect of my job is education surrounding exercise and lifestyle choices. I challenge my clients to take a step back and evaluate their own lifestyle; pause - take a serious look at your own activity levels and nutritional practices. Do you have a sedentary job, like most of us do? Then you need to take this advice even more seriously than the next. The focus of maintaining health and an active lifestyle will improve your overall being. I understand this, as I practice what I preach! And I teach it too, daily.  I myself experience first hand the benefits including reduced muscle soreness, improved range of motion and mobility.

Why is this so important? Most injuries are due to improper body mechanics, awkward positioning, and lack of appropriate preparation. Muscles and joints are meant to move a specific way. When put into a situation where extreme stress is present, compromising the mechanics of the movement. injury may occur. To some this may be common sense; but to others that lack knowledge or understanding this may be a challenging concept to acknowledge. A common response is, “ I have done it this way my entire life”. Unfortunately something done wrong for an extended period of time can have repercussion, and the simple fact that you’re practiced and comfortable at an incorrect execution does not give it value.

If you buy a brand new car, drive it for 5,000 km without an oil change, It’s not the end of the world. Now let's say you continue to drive for another 15,000 km but neglected to change the oil. Hoping the oil light doesn’t come on or that your car doesn’t leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly that brand new car with your favorite pair of fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror, that you conveniently forgot to maintain, isn’t running how it should be. If you haven’t been picking up on my references, that “pimp” mobile is your body. The “oil changes” are exercising and staying active. You can’t act shocked when failure begins - that maintenance schedule is well known and available to all. It simply takes a person whom will empower themselves, put in the small effort to seek guidance and execute the plan. If you take care of your body it will return the favor, I promise.

Step one, if you do nothing else for your health and wellness in the remainder of this calendar year - get an assessment. Seek out a professional, and find out how your engine is running, and learn a few simple scheduled maintenance routines to ensure longevity, and comfort.

So what can be taken away from all of this? It’s important to exercise, make healthy lifestyle choices and stay active. If there is something you don’t understand, reach out and seek guidance (I know a guy). Unlike a car that can be replaced, you only have one body, so take care of it people!

Author: Greg Horvath | Greg is a Personal Trainer at Next Level Performance, and a practicing Therapists Assistant

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