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We are hiring a Personal Trainer!

We are hiring a Personal Trainer!

Next Level Performance is a private personal training studio in Kelowna, BC. We serve clients from all walks of life, with various goals. From first-time gym goers working to lose weight, new moms, individuals preparing to compete in bodybuilding shows, and men and women making a lifestyle transformation. NXTLVL is a premier facility, completely private, and allows for one-on-one training sessions between you and your client. The gym features brand new equipment and is 2800/square feet, including private shower, stretching studio and kitchen facilities.

What are we looking for? Maybe you! NXTLVL is looking for an individual to join our team of certified personal trainers. This role is unique in that you have exclusive use of the studio, booked privately for your hour with your client. Yes, you read that right, you don't have to brave the crowded gym floor and negotiate the use of equipment; the space is yours for the hour of personal training with your client.

At NXTLVL, we don't set the pricing for you. You set your own pricing for your clients. That means you can charge the hourly fee you wish, and you pay either 1) a flat fee for the hour's use back to the house or 2) if you're training in high volume, we set a flat monthly rate and all of the profit beyond is yours to keep. These rates and fees are fixed across all trainers and allow you to earn as much as you are willing to work!

There are no constraints on training at other gyms or facilities; this is an inclusive environment, and you can contract anywhere you wish outside of NXTLVL.

Hours: The NXTLVL studio is available through a shared booking calendar to all trainers outside of the primary hours. 5am - 5pm PST Monday - Friday, the gym is in full use by owner, Alan Dyck, and no other trainers may use the space during this time. That means you can book on the hour any time after 5pm Monday - Friday, and all day Saturday's and Sunday's. All bookings happen on the hour to avoid scheduling conflicts. Hours are first come first serve in the group calendar for all trainers and coaches.

Insurance: All Trainers are required to present proof of insurance to NXTLVL at time of application.

Certifications: BCRPA / CANFITPRO / ISSA or any other recognized personal training certification for use in British Columbia. Certification must be current and proof must be provided upon application.

Clients: This is a pay-as-you go setup, requiring you to come with your clients. NXTLVL will allow for advertising on the nlpfitness.ca website of your services, and allow for purchase of training sessions / packages through the website as well. All business development and client development activities are up to you. This situation is ideal for trainers with a big client list, ready to make the leap from a public gym and offer an elite experience to clients and earn the money associated with such.

Position to start immediately.

Please attach your resume, cover letter, proof of certification and proof of insurance. NXTLVL will contact you for an interview and tour of the facility if you are a successful candidate. Submit details to: alandyck@nlpfitness.ca

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