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About Brandon

High Definition Conditioning & Performance. When it comes to your goals and dreams, we take an in-depth look at barriers and strengths you possess to get you there as fast and safe as possible. Whether you’re a high level professional athlete, an aspiring young athlete, trying to gain a generally healthy lifestyle or rehabing an injury, Brandon has the knowledge and skill set to get you where you need to be. I am invested in providing you with the tools and guidance necessary to reaching and surpassing your fitness expectations. Our core values at HDC are to find Harmony through Determination and Confidence while developing Integrity on the path of the Ascendancy toward a Virtuous future. After playing post-secondary soccer and currently playing semi-pro soccer here in Kelowna, Brandon knows what it takes to get the most out of your fitness, for Performance.



Specialty Areas
- Physical Therapy through Myofascial Mobility
- Functional Training through the HDC Method
- Sports Teams / Youth Programs and Camps
- Speed and Running Coach


Services Offered
- Individual Personal Training
- Group Training Sessions
- Kinesiology Sessions
- Online Training through Physiotec Software
Nutrition and Lifestyle
- Consultations via. Goal Tracking

NSCA - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
CSEP - Certified Personal Trainer
BCAK - Practicing Kinesiologist
SportMed B.C. - Sport First Aid
UBC Okanagan - B.Hk
Instagram: @hdcperformance

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