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About Kevin

Kevin was first introduced to the gym a decade a go in his own journey to lose weight and try to develop self worth. After realizing the ability fitness has to empower people he decided to pursue a future where he could help people. He went on to complete his Bachelors in Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia. He started helping people as a Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (C.S.EP) certified personal trainer. Realizing a large amount of his clients were dealing with movement related pain he became a certified Kinesiologist through the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (B.C.A.K). He approaches training with a unique approach by combining his competitive powerlifting, bodybuilding and Kinesiology to develop programs aimed at improving movement, body awareness and ones physique.



Specialty Areas
Kevin specializes in movement and exercise execution quality. Working with both new and experienced gym goers he can help introduce basic movements or improve exercises someone has experience with. He also prides himself on developing self confidence and love for the health and fitness lifestyle by focusing on educating and encouraging his clients to push their limits both in the gym and the other aspects of their life. He works with many people who have also suffered injuries and are ready to return to physical activity but don’t know where to start or are hesitant to do so on their own. He works on perfecting small movements before introducing you to bigger, more complex movements at a rate you are comfortable and capable of.


Services Offered
- One-on-one training
- Small group training
- Online programming and nutritional coaching
- Movement assessments and corrective exercise prescription

C.S.E.P. C.P.T
B.C.A.K Kinesiologist


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