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“Marisa first became interested in health and fitness in 2015, when she decided to pursue a healthier lifestyle for herself. As someone who was never athletically inclined growing up, she discovered solace in the gym and quickly fell in love with bodybuilding. Soon after improving her own lifestyle, she enrolled in the Personal Fitness Trainer program at NAIT, with the desire to gain credible education to support others along their own health and fitness journeys.


For Marisa, diving into the health and fitness industry during this time was overwhelming. Social media had become a major platform for health and fitness influencers, most of which were documenting their fitness journeys and glorifying that "stage ready" look. Learning to navigate through anecdotal information, absolute nonsense, and societal expectations surrounding body image was what led Marisa to her philosophies as a trainer. Upon finishing her education and obtaining her CSEP certification, Marisa developed an evidence-based approach to training and nutrition, with a strong emphasis on prioritizing the basic, core principles that will set her clients up for success.


Additionally, Marisa wants to show her female clients that leading a healthy lifestyle and achieving the physique of your dreams does not have to be restrictive, all-consuming or boring. And that there is a certain confidence and gratification that comes with feeling strong and performing well, that far exceeds constantly chasing a lower number on the scale.”


Marisa Hunter


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