Greg's Transformation Diary - Week 3 - Next Level Performance Fitness

Greg's Transformation Diary - Week 3

Greg's Transformation Diary - Week 3

Week 3


This is the first week, post cleanse. I'm feeling like I have more energy than while on the cleanse, for sure, and that helps a lot with workouts. So far I'm down 24 lbs total! I'm looking forward to the diet, and having Meal Prep For U prepare most of it. I really thrive on routine, so eating the same diet doesn't bother me much and I'm excited to just have it set and follow it. I did gain a couple pounds coming off the cleanse and on to the new diet, but Alan says that is to be expected. I feel a lot better post-cleanse and my head is clear and I'm ready to get going on the program. Workouts have been consistent and getting easier with improved energy. - Greg

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